New Moullinex

Moullinex - Time & Tide This is smooth. Love Moullinex. This is like OUTRUN BITD. Super game like. Driving, sleek, house. Like it. Will definitely be playing this one out. 


Moullinex makes another afterhours/dawn remix. Weird.

Glen Check - Pacific - Moullinex Remix He's back with another sexy track. Weird? Nope. This guy has his shit on lock and he's no fool. How to make people happy? Bass, keys, vox, swank, hotel. You know. SWANK! #takeittothebank


Dawn - Golden (Full Album Stream)

Dawn - Golden (Full album stream) Really liking this guys style so far. Soothing, eerie, touching. Only a few songs in but, I get the feeling I will be listening to this record quite a few times. Especially with the way I feel right now... "because you're all that I, all that I want." #dawn #golden #alliwant #puppiesandkittens #keepingmymindoccupiedwhilemyhearttakesabreak


Dawn - Golden (Diplo Remix)

dawn-golden-all-i-want-diplo-remix If you ever feel weak. If you ever knew better. If you were love. If you wanted what I wanted, t's because you're all that I want.


Galantis - Friend (Hard Times)

 Galantis - Friend (Hard Times) 
This ish right here... This the ish. Bouncy, techy, poppy. All that and a bag of sweets :) Enjoy the sunny day friends.


Porter Robinson - Sea Of Voices (RAC Mix)

Porter Robinson - Sea Of Voices (RAC Mix) Might have to mash the mash with this one... It's pretty much Lita Ford. Uh huh... It ain't no big thing. But I know what I like. I know I like dancin' with you!


Dino Lenny - Call Me (Original)

Dino Lenny - Call Me I know this is a few years old but, it still makes me smile. Used to play the TVROCK Remix all the time. Good vibes. #dinolenny #callme #tvrock



Bloody Beetroots feat. Peter Frampton  This is off the chain or hook or whatever!!!!! Will be played this spring and summer all over the fucking world!!!!!! Ridiculous!


Come Alive _ Chromeo & Toro Y Moi (Magician RMX)

Come Alive _ Chromeo & Toro Y Moi (Magician RMX) Sooooo Airy. Is it summer yet? Or maybe the last day of summer? It sure feels like it. . .


ON AN ON - Full album stream

ON AN ON - Give in (full album stream) So the whole album is up for stream now and I haven't even listened to the whole thing yet.. By now it should be pretty obvious that I'm liking these guys. Washes, guitars, over production. Pretty much a win column column. Will listen a few times and repost with the review but for now here it is... Maybe you review it for me?  :)

Another MoRTaL Mash - Zee Paper Plane Boss

MoRTaL - Zee Paper Plane Boss Here's a lost mash from a few back. With Led Zepplin (Two times:), Kasabian, Justice, M.I.A., Biggie Smalls, The Clash & MoRTaL on additional keys, bass and drums. You know just another simple mash up :)


STRFKR - "Say to you"

STRFKR-"Say to you"
I really can't get enough of these guys. So many styles and always executed perfectly. This is another easy breezy floater. Sweet air :)



STRFKR-leave-it-all-behind They're back :))))))) Way more produced this time around but still gritty and I like it! I really think these guys are the Pixies of their time. A whole lot of bands in the future will give them as influence and they won't get respect until they have a reunion concert in 2025. Starfucker rule! STRFKR!!!!


M83 - Wait (Video)

M83 - Wait (Music Video)
This song gives me chills and the video is crazy amazing!
 Serious music from these guys right now.
 LOVE LOVE LOVE this song.


The Ego - Nicolas Jarr & Theatre Roosevelt SWANKY

Nicolas Jarr & Theatre Roosevelt - The Ego
"The ego. It's the most expensive thing." HAHAHHAHA! This ish has me rolling. Slow fresh half break, twisted key delays and add a ridiculous vox throw... now were talking swing. get it. It's got a download link. Thanks PMA! "Fussin' it out!"


Moulinex - Take my pain away (video)

Moullinex - Take my pain away (video)
New track by Moullinex. Track is smoking but that's what the French do best (Music, food, sex and ciggarettes :) Hahaaha. Anyway. Music is a job in France! They pay you to make music? OUI! Dig this song and video. Like the concept on this one a bit more though. Moullinex - Sunflare
And the chord changes are crazy. Enjoys!


NEW - ON AN ON - Out Jan 29 - 2013

ON AN ON - The Hunter
New single out. Pretty smooth big pop. Easy to listen to and get heaphony with. Kind of like Big Pink. Kind of like this other one too. Gazey. #shoes #gazing ON AN ON - Ghosts


New Major Lazer (Out Feb)

Major Lazer feat Flux Pavilion - Jah No Partial I'm not really a fan of anything that could be called Dubstep. I've actually said that I think it's the new Reggaeton and it will be gone in two years tops. The new Major Lazer dropped on the intranett today so where normally this would not be my dig cause of the wobble, I do dig on the cross over jungle house steez. Shout out to Some Kind of Awesome for the link!


When you knew new

HiGHFiVeSoCiaLCLuB - #babieswillruletheearth I have a full length record in recording right now and am pretty FUCKING excited about it. I finally get to introduce you (tha world) to my band HiGHFiVeSoCiaLCLuB (one man as it is but with a few guests). I have around 17-20 songs (with intros and cross tracks) and will be tracking vocals the next three weeks. This is an intro for another track but it has it's own life and I want to share it with you all. It's called #babieswillruletheearth and it's a poem I wrote about collective consciousness after being inspired by the Russian chess champion Garry Kasparov. His take on the evolution of people led me to this conclusion. #babieswillruletheearth


New Kitsuné Maison Compilation #14

Full album stream - Kitsune Maison-14 Checking out the new Kitsune Maison Comp. Pretty smooth. Good to groove and lay back in the grass. Y'know? Yeah, like that :) Sweet...


D Byrne is pretty much infallable!

New colab is pretty badass! Only half way through and had to post about it:) I love David Byrne! Check it out. Full album stream


Wonky is right

Orbital - "Wonky" Music Video I was never a real big fan of Orbital. They were jock trance. This new ish is on the female fast rap vibe and is pretty good though. Even more bugged is the video. Let's say it's probably not a good idea to take acid and stare at your cats. DANG. That cat is crazy.


New Build (Full Album Stream)

And it's up. Thanks to PMA (Again) on this one. They Rock. So far the four songs that were leaked last month were the best (INMYOP). May add Schizm of the mind in there tho as it sounds like a My Bloody Melody produced by OMD. Pretty well displayed genre busting over here. This is some serious Gabriel influenced pop. Still on Do you not feel loved? as a washer (Mind Cleaner) and the vocal at the end of Finding reasons is up and out! I say buy it. If I can find a record store I just might.


Miike Snow Video for "The Wave"

This is a pretty good song. At first listen it swings. Sounds morphing with each other, tweaked vox and a drummer boy roll. All things I like. The video is not describable. Odd but pulls you in. In an, I must see what happens next. Nothing does but you still keep watching. Well, there are dancing cops eating bagels and pastries so that's pretty good.


New Gorillaz Feat James Murphy (LCD) & Andre 3000

This is pretty much the shit. Funk, pop, bop, into punk-esque screaming & guitars back down to an echo synth, kik & Snare simplicity walkout. Yup, the shit.


Handbraekes is pretty bad ass

Technot or future what ever you want to call it, is everywhere rt now. This colab between Mr. Oizo & Boys Noize is Pretty nuts. Thanks to Disco Demons for the hook. Good blog, great attitude. Get funked.


New Dr Dog full length album stream

I've been waiting for this new record for quite sometime. When I first heard these guys they were already around for a while. My brother looked at me like is was living in cave when I asked what he thought of them, although, he did agree with me that they are sick. This new album is good. It's not super consistent but I dig that too. All about the spectrum of 50's pop, 70's soul, 70's folk rock and even some new school, Honeycut type of synth based intros and under vibes. Good deal. Dig it.


Black Francis makes electro!!

Good to see Frank Black breaking out of the blues for some Grand Duchy colab with his wife. In this land of strangers... there are dangers.


Sebastien is mad!!!! (SO GOOD)

Dood! I think Tellier's lost his mind! In the best "Dune"- like kind of way:) This record is looking to be FUCKING EPIC! Check the video and see if you agree...


New Santi Gold - Big Mouth

Good stuff here. Fun vibe. Free download. or watch the video here via PMA http://shuffler.fm/tracks#!channel=site_url%253Ahttp%253A%252F%252Fprettymuchamazing%252Ecom&position=1326952505.13269525277584&track=511806


Old song. New video. Sick sh*t.

This ones on SKOA. Great blog. Anyway, Old song, new video. Excellent animation/concept. Always dug the lyric in this track. Skank Guitar drop on melancholy acoustic rolls. Sweet execution all around.


New Scissor Sisters :) Hell yes Moomba

New Video VIA PMA blog. Good shit here. Track is awesome, video is cute but, odd but really, it's the Scissor Sisters so.... for them it's tame. Sounds like it's gonna be a good record!


New solo by Ra ra riot singer

Pretty good from what I see / hear so far. Have yet to listen to the full album but I like this video :) Enjoy. Oh and thanks to some kind of awesome!


New Holy Ghost Video & Download feat. Michael MacDonald

I've been spinning these guys for years. Love me some Holy Ghost. This video hit today all over. Pretty cool animation. The track is very much HG typical, delayed synths and a clap beat but, as always it's smoking. And it's got the old head Michael MacDonald singing on the chorus. Pretty crazy. Got this hook from Pretty much amazing. Great blog, check em out.


New video for Helena Beat by Foster the people

So these guys had a hit with pumped up kicks last year on the PB&J vibe. It was good but a little same same.... although everybody seemed to like it. This track has been out for a while but the video popped up recent like and reminded me that THIS TRACK IS SICK. Oh and my brothers chum Isom from Chain gang of 1974 is playing with them now so it's extra sweet! Big things I see for these youngsters.


Man I love me some Kasabian

New Kasabian album drops soon. I must say I'm kind of surprised these guys aren't Aussies :) Some what similar in style to the last album but so what! They are good at what they do. Can't wait for more of this record. For now here's the title track video courtesy of listenbeforeyoubuy.net Enjoys


SebastiAn - Embody

Not brand new but the album is... SebastiAn (Ed Banger Records) is future funk! Nasty and just plain NASTY!This guy is making music for me :) And I hope you too. Enjoy


Oh land...Oh man.

Oh land. I was digging the remix that's been out for quite some time of "sun of a gun"by Yuksek, but this "wolf & I" track is smooth as hell. Great vox style, simple beat that's still full and very peaceful. Dig it.


Another TVOTR Track

This new one hit today and it's strange. Quite a few styles in here, Bowie, Tribal drums, Fishbone kind of horns at the end. Pretty cool at first listen. Have to wait and see how I feel after 10. So far so gold though. The break at 3 minutes is slammin and ripe for a remix.... :) May have to hit this one up. Enjoy



Um. yup. Really on the "A cross the universe" vibe... Heavy. But something different here... Vocals. A lot of vocals... Very good, very addictive, very interested to hear more from this album. I remember playing D.A.N.C.E. in the winter before it came out and said "This will be everywhere during the summer" to some friends. Well it did and I couldn't have been happier. Then they went the movie route and "ACTU" was good but not pop... more hardcore. With the return they went even more metal... I've been on the kick for quite some time saying electro is the new heavy metal, like 15 years actually. So with Justice making Pop-metal and MSTRKRFT rocking Iron Madien ish I think a few others have come around to the notion that genres can be non existent now a days. Throw a little Black Flag on some Daft Punk, put a KRS-One vox on it and there you go... Oh wait I've been doing that for 15 years! Oh Alec, Mr Empire... You had it right Industrial Grunge Tech KICKS ASS!!!

Yelle (Simian Mobile Disco) RoCKS!

So this album is fucking ridiculous! I don't even speak French anymore but so what. The beats are by SMD and not many producers today can compare. Art first listen I kind of neglected the vox cause... well it's Yelle. Cutesy and pop but the more I listen the more I get addicted. Seriously ahead of the curve over here. Get over, hear?

P,B & J Original "Second Chance"

So this track isn't all that new now (2 months or so) but RAC just remixed it so here's a side by side for you. If I never heard the original, I might be listening to this a lot. Usually RAC Has some 4 on the floor bang. This time however they went with the melody and turned a punkrocker into a mellow zone. Dig it but the original is far more exciting. What do you think? Hit the comments!

Peter, Bjorn & John RAC Remix (A side by side)

So this track isn't all that new now (2 months or so) but RAC just remixed it so here's a side by side for you. If I never heard the original, I might be listening to this a lot. Usually RAC Has some 4 on the floor bang. This time however they went with the melody and turned a punkrocker into a mellow zone. Dig it but the original is far more exciting. What do you think? Hit the comments!


Biblio - Excuses (Video)

This new Biblio on Warp Records is... well... Nasty. Like if Prefuse & RJ hooked up at a bar with a singer. Glitch is not dead


R.I.P. Nate Dogg

So I realize this is not a new track but due to today's news I figured I'd post a remash I did a few years ago. R.I.P. Nate Dogg the slickest west coaster. 213


New TV on The Radio

So this is the second track I've heard from the new record. I was not feeling the first as it seemed a little lazy to me but this on the other hand is good. Real good. Glad to see them back. "Dear science" was amazing. Can't wait to hear more.

MSTRKRFT - Beards Again

New MSTRKRFT just went up. This is pretty CHUNKY shit right here. To quote another lover "Pretty Maiden". Very serious and really good.

Starfucker (Via SKOA)

So this is Starfucker. I've been playing their tracks out for a few years now. They are really good. This new full album stream and video for "Quality time" is courtesy of Some kind of awesome. A blog I follow and quite frequently have good back and forth with on new music. They have good opinions as well as pretty good taste in music. The video is funny as hell and the album is all over the place in the best way. From a "My Bloody Valentine" wall of sound style to a strait dance floor bang. They chase a lot of genres down, hold them on the floor and tickle them until they cry uncle.

The Cars are back

So I think it's only fitting that my first post is of a bands return to the spotlight. The Cars were a major influence on me as a kid and still are. The second I read that Ric was talking new material, I kind of lost it. I mean... New Cars. Wow. This is Blue Tip one of the first tracks out there and it's good. Like no joke good. I think a lot of Cars fans may be disappointed with this track but not me. It sounds like Ric was hanging out with James Murphy and he got inspired to flip his own version of "Watch the tapes" with some big guitars and chunky analog synths, it definitely is a dancer. Can't wait for more from this epic reunion.